Hey y’all! Thought I would do a little blog about our favorite farmer, our MVP of the pumpkin patch, Tom Minnoe! As he gets the patch ready for season I thought I would share a bit of history about him.

Who is Farmer Tom?

Farmer Tom, aka dad, that’s what I call him. He is a husband to Penny. Father to 3 girls: Ashleigh, Sara and Kristen. He is also a grandfather to 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter: Logan, Landon, Mason and Parker. My father grew up with a love of country music. He has a musical background and he grew up playing guitar in a family band. He has a love of entertaining guests, country livin and farm animals. He especially loves horses. He grew up showing horses at the state fair and such. Later in life he became a farrier. I remember growing up as a young child and going with him to shoe horses. #countrylivin Farmer Tom is a 1983 graduate student of Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School.

Fun fact

Farmer Tom was born the month of January in France! How cool is that?! As you read above he plays the guitar, but he can also play the banjo, very well in fact!

Come meet Tom at the pumpkin patch! Open next month!