Happy Thursday y’all! It’s summertime, which means… time for social gatherings! Graduation parties,weddings, barbecues, picnics, family reunions and much much more. We here at Penny’s Country Farm rent out our space for any type of event you may want. Let us know if you have a special event in mind and want/need the space. Call Tom at 315-237-2815 for more information.

Upcoming Events at The Farm!

Farmer Tom, Penny and there children are working away to get the farm cleaned up for an upcoming event this weekend. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog and pictures regarding this event!

new goals - blacksmith shopHappy Monday everyone! Hope everyone is having a good day. The sun is out shinning and thankfully the weather seems just about perfect! We are excited to share with you some of our new goals for 2017.

New Blacksmith Shop Coming this Fall

Farmer Tom is workin’ away to get this blacksmith shop up and ready for the fall season. Here’s a little history for you all. A blacksmith made things out of black metal, mostly iron. Not only was it a very important job, it was also a very hot and tiring job. Popular tools blacksmiths would use are forge, anvil/hammer and bellows. The forge process is a heat treatment usually fueled by coal and used to heat metal to make it softer and easier to hammer, bend and/or cut into shape. The anvil is a block of iron with a flat top and pointed end. It is used to shape metal by hammering. The use of bellows were important as well. They would blow air onto the forge fire to make it hotter. Popular items made would include cooking utensils, hooks, nails and horse shoes.

It’ll be very exciting to see this blacksmith shop come to life.

Remember, Monday is a brand new week filled with promise and endless possibilities. Make the most of it!

Good evening y’all. TGIF! Can you believe the heat today? This humidity is crazy and I’ll be happy when it’s over. I’m sure our pumpkin plants are happy though, out there soakin’ up the sun. Y’all, the field looks SO amazing. Farmer Tom planted so much produce this year, you should see the field. Its huge! But you know what, you need a huge field to accommodate planting a large amount of produce. Pumpkins grow on vines, which in return means that they take up quiet a bit of space. So thank heavens for big pumpkin fields, soil, rain and sun!

Adventures on Billy Goat Mountain

Our donkeys and miniature goats have recently moved down to the farm. There out grazing on billy goat mountain, enjoying the sunshine and looking over our growing produce. Its a beautiful thing to sit back and watch nature take place.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts and pictures!

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Hey y’all, how’s everyone’s thursday going? Farmer Tom has been working the fields day and night these past few weeks. Phew! It’s hard work getting the fields ready and planted. But he sure loves it!! In the past 24 hours we have noticed our pumpkin plants have peeked through the ground! It’s so cute, there own little grand entrance! A tad early this year, but nothing to worry about. They’ll be ready for picking by fall. We love watching our produce grow, its a beautiful sight. Wait till you see what hes got planted! Jacks, peanuts, turks turbans, wolfs, cinderellas, assorted gourds/squashes and much more! My personal favorite are the turks turbans. They are colorful, whimsical and almost resemble a mushroom by its shape. Not only are they great for cooking, but they make for beautiful front porch fall decor. Stacking them on top of cinderella pumpkins is such a fun thing to do and we absolutely love it!

Watching nature take place and watching our produce grow is an amazing thing. Such a fun time for our family.

Speaking of family we have 2 new additions to our family farm. Mason and Parker. Mason was the 1st baby to be born in Onondaga County for 2017 and made the news for his unique arrival. His cousin Parker was born about 5 weeks later and she is the very first granddaughter to be born into the family. Actually she is the first “great” granddaughter to be born into both sides of the family as well.  As you can see the family is expanding and my twin nephews Logan and Landon now have cousins to play with.

We are a family farm and with the years passing by its exciting to not only see the changes with our family and farm, but to see them both expand is a wonderful thing. Come see the family and farm expansion this fall 2017!

How y’all doin’? Farmer Tom has been working the fields day after day. From plowing and disking, to planting. It sure will be pumpkin, squash and gourd galore! He is getting the fields ready for this upcoming fall season. We here at Penny’s Country Farm could not be more excited! Wait till ya’ll see our western town! We are busy building the newest addition, a blacksmith shop! The frame is finally up and we’re excited to see the progress it’ll make with the weeks to come. Stay tuned for more posts and pictures! Don’t forget to like us on facebook & instagram!


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