Enjoy a weekend at Penny’s Country farm that is filled with laughter and song. Jump back to the 1800’s and meet Miss Kitty and Grandpa Gus. They will have you singing and dancing along in no time! Watch out for Billy Bob now, ya here?! He’s darn right trouble. 

Come visit our little farmer’s market. Enjoy our assortment of seasonal fall vegetables. Decorate your mantel tops, porches and tables with our fresh gourds handpicked from our fields. They’re colorful, whimsical and they make for beautiful fall decoration.

Spirits come to life in our haunted woods. Take a chance and walk through the path of horror. You may end up bringing a spirit home. Open every fall, children friendly and activity band required.  

Hop a ride and make believe drive your way through Penny’s Country Farm. Choose your favorite cow to ride and dont forget to wave to your family as you ride around the farm. Children friendly, ages 10 and below only please.

The Chuck WagonDine in at Penny’s Country Farm. Choose from a variety of food/beverage options off our menu at The Chuck Wagon. Choose to stay for a quick snack or a sit down lunch? Penny offers both! A picnic area is available as well. Dine outside in the sun or inside our lodge, the choice is yours and the food is great! Be sure to try Penny’s chili, the smell alone will make you crave a bite. So come on down to see what all the fuss is about! (Be sure to check with dining staff about any food allergies.)

Jump back in time to the old west of the 1800’s in the town of Tombstone! Come enjoy a jar of ice cold sarsaparilla in our saloon! Miss Kitty and Grandpa Gus are often singing and dancing in the bar and they just love company. Be sure to check our their show times. Boy they sure can put on a great show. They’ll have you laughin, singin and clappin along before you know it! It’s a hoot and a holler that you sure won’t wanna miss!

Tombstone is our very own Western Town which includes a saloon, general store, sheriffs office, a country church and our newest addition – a blacksmith shop.

air cannon


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a pumpkin? Yes, that’s right! Keep your eyes out and heads ducked for flying pumpkins. Watch as they soar high and far in the air into the nearby woods. Launching occurs every 20-30 minutes. Our air cannon launches sugar pumpkins a 1/2 mile into the woods and our wooden trebuchet launches a variety of pumpkins at our castle. Be sure to purchase an activity band to ride our wagon. Launching usually takes place at every stop and you’ll get the best view! Pumpkin Chunkin occurs every fall season. Be sure to check our calendar for any special events through the year!

Come get lost in our corn maze. Open every fall and tons of fun! Our 5 acres corn maze is known to be difficult and large. Come and try to successfully master our maze. Many have tried, a few have succeeded… Will you be next to master the field? Come show off your maze skills at our country farm! Also, don’t forget to check out the children’s corn maze. Perfect size for a small stroll, for a children’s maze or for anyone whose not looking for anything too difficult. Come enjoy fall at our farm!  Available every fall and with a play n’ stay activity band.


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